Toyo Bunko Museum – Museum of the Oldest Research Institution for Oriental Studies

About the Museum

Museum genre: History
Closed: Monday
Opening hours : 10:00 to 17:00, Last admission at 16:30
PPrice : (Adult) 900yen, (Persons with disabilities) 350yen, (University student) 700yen, (Junior highschool and highschool student) 600yen, (Elementary school students) 290yen
Duration of Visiting : (Normal) 45 min.  (Quick) 20min.
English brochure: Available
Address: 〒113-0021  2-28-21 Honkomagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0021, JAPAN
TEL: 03-3942-0280
Nearest station: Komagome station or Sengoku station

What is Toyo Bunko Museum?

Toyo Bunko Museum is a facility related to the Toyo Bunko, which means oriental library in English, which is the oldest and largest research institution for Oriental studies in Japan. The Toyo Bunko was founded with a donation from Hisaya Iwasaki, third president of Mitsubishi, in 1924.

The collection of the books of the Toyo bunko for their research is over one million books, including valuable books historically and artistically. The Toyo Bunko is known as one of the world’s top five research centers in Oriental studies today.

Toyo Bunko Museum is opened in 2015 to share the charm of Oriental studies with more people through the collection. The museum is composed of Orient Hall, Morrison’s Stacks, Treasure of Toyo Bunko and Special Exhibition Hall. Exhibits of the museum change irregularly. You can meet beautiful books and find a piece of oriental history at the museum. In addition, a café and a garden are adjacent to the museum in which you can take a meal and relieve your fatigue from a trip.

Orient Hall

Special Exhibition Hall